VAT Return Services

VAT Return Services

Preparing and submitting your VAT return can be a hassle. It’s one of those must-do, but incredibly tedious, tasks you need to sort out.

So, we’re sure you would rather someone took it off your hands. We can do this using our award-winning monthly service.

What exactly is a ‘VAT return’?

If you are a VAT-registered business, you need to submit a VAT return to HMRC on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Basically, it’s worked out by:

VAT charged on your sales - VAT you can reclaim on business expenses = your VAT return

A completed VAT return will either show how much is owed to HMRC, or whether you are due a VAT refund.

Unless your business’s VAT returns are relatively simple, we recommend saving yourself the aggravation and outsource the work to professionals.

How we take the stress away

Leaving your VAT to us means you can feel reassured it’s done both quickly and correctly - so you have more time to focus on your business.

  1. We carefully process your bookkeeping and check that everything is in order
  2. We ensure all the VAT your business has charged is claimed for
  3. We’ll then send you the accurate figures which you can submit to HMRC

We also keep you updated on those dreaded deadlines, so you don’t have to worry about being caught out.

Got a question? Here are some FAQs which may help.

What if I get a VAT inspection?

A huge bonus of hiring the professionals to take care of your VAT return is that you can be confident all the figures are correct. Phew.


What’s the deadline?

The deadline for submitting the return online and paying HMRC are usually the same. It’s one calendar month and 7 days after the end of your VAT period.


Why choose Mazuma?

We are the pioneers of hassle-free accounting who actually care about helping you out.

Our goal is to take as much of the stress of dealing with your VAT returns away.

You can feel reassured and focus on what you’re really good at, running your business successfully.

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