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Hire an Accountant, Wales

Mazuma specialises in modern accounting. With our convenient online accounting services, we support a variety of businesses in effective money management. Our qualified team of dedicated financial accountants can help ease the burden of your accounting responsibilities and help you focus on leading a thriving business.

We offer a range of accounting services to suit a variety of business needs in North and South Wales, including management of accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, self-assessment return, end-of-year profit and loss statements, and much more. Whether you’re a freelancer, a sole trader, a limited company owner, or a business partner, we can ensure that your accounts are up-to-date and compliant with the upcoming Making Tax Digital laws.

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How does our accounting service work in Wales?

If you’re looking for an accounting service or management accountants that you can access from anywhere in Wales, you need Mazuma.

From our offices in Bridgend, our service is offered remotely by a team of experts. We offer timely management accounts, so if you ever need our help, you can contact us at any time on your phone. We won’t ask you to visit us in person for lengthy meetings or pay for phone call consultations with your accountant.

Although we take a more modern approach to a traditional accountant, there are many aspects of traditional accountancy that we still agree with. For instance, we believe that working with your own dedicated accountant can be a significant benefit to your business, which is why we assign a single chartered accountant to each of our clients.

If you’re looking for an accountant that will manage your financial responsibilities on your behalf as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, Mazuma is a good fit for you.

There are four simple steps involved in using Mazuma’s accounting service:

Mazumas free invoicing software

Step 1

Throughout the month, upload your documents on our web portal, or post them to us at the end of every month for free. Additionally, you can link our portal directly to your bank account and use our convenient invoicing tool.

Step 2

Your dedicated chartered accountant will then manage your bookkeeping, accounts, VAT, bank reconciliations, and payroll. Our team can offer additional tailored services on request.

Step 3

At the end of the month, we’ll send over a copy of your accounts. Your accountant can also answer your questions and offer advice based on your financial situation.

Tax consultation

Step 4

All Mazuma customers are entitled to full support during the tax season. We’ll submit your self-assessment and corporate tax returns to Companies House and/or HMRC with plenty of time to spare.

Online accounting in Wales

At Mazuma, we understand how inconvenient the old-fashioned accounting approach can be. We know that many business owners don’t want to deal with detached, impersonal accountants who provide outdated services and still insist on in-person meetings. That’s where the idea behind Mazuma was born.

We’re an online accounting service — but that doesn’t mean we’re unable to offer a personal service. You’ll receive support from a qualified accountant within our thriving team, who can act as another member of your staff and a friend of your business. Many business owners in North and South Wales simply don’t have the time to carry out their own accounting jobs. We’re here for you if you want to hand over your accounting responsibilities to a trusted expert.

Whether you’re looking to hand over every financial admin task, or there are just certain tasks you don’t want to do, Mazuma can help. Our team of accountants, management experts and business advisors can provide a range of tailored services, including bookkeeping, accounts, self-assessment returns and other tax services, payroll, VAT, and more.

Why choose a Mazuma qualified accountant?

Our personal touch

We’ll assign a dedicated qualified accountant to work with your business. Over time, your accountant will get to know you and your business in detail and offer tailored services and advice to best support its growth.

Accounting your way

We understand if you don’t want to learn how to use an online accounting tool. Our chartered accountants will log all your details on your behalf. All you need to do is send us your documents – and it’s up to you whether you do this by post, email, or through our platform.

Unlimited expert advice

Our accounting and finance team is on hand 24/7 to respond to your questions at a time that suits you. Whether you prefer to communicate by email or over the phone, you can make an arrangement that suits you best.

Low monthly fees

Rather than paying your accountancy fees in one chunk, our rolling monthly payment system allows you to pay for our service throughout the year. Our prices include your self-assessment returns and filing, so you don’t have to worry about surprise hidden costs.

Tax efficiency reviews

As well as submitting your returns on your behalf, we’ll conduct regular tax efficiency reviews in the run-up to tax season, ensuring that you’re saving money by running your business as tax-efficiently as possible.

Save hours of time

With a dedicated accountant working closely with you in organising and managing your accounts, they’ll quickly become an integral member of your business. We’ll help you free up time to work on other aspects of the business while we focus on your accountancy duties.

Wales accountancy service FAQS

What are the accountancy services that you offer?

Our qualified accountants offer a broad range of accountancy services, including bookkeeping, self-assessment tax return, audit jobs, and payroll. We can also offer advice on tax efficiency and ensure that you are compliant with HMRC and Companies House.

Who can use Mazuma’s accounting service?

Our online accountants are responsible for accounts management for a range of businesses, from freelancers and sole traders to partnerships and limited companies.

We have the skills to offer support that is best suited to your particular type of business. No matter how much money you earn or what industry you operate in, we’re here to help.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No. Unlike some accountants in North and South Wales, we don’t have an obligatory minimum contract period or ‘tie-in.’ You’re not required to continue paying for our services for a set period of time. Instead, you simply pay a fixed monthly fee.

Will I need to learn to use accounting software?

No. Our accountants use our award-winning cloud accounting software to manage your accounts on your behalf. We don’t ask you to learn how to use our tools — all you’ll need to do is send us your paperwork at the end of every month.

How much responsibility will you take on?

We’re happy to take on as much or as little responsibility as you’d like from us. Rest assured that we’ll take on even the most tiresome accounting duties, including communicating with Companies House or HMRC and submitting all your digital returns. If we receive any vital information you need to be aware of, you can rely on us to keep you updated.

Equally, we understand that some of our clients would rather we only take over one or two jobs that they don’t want to manage themselves. We’re happy to do this, too.

How do I know if Mazuma’s accountants offer the right service for me?

To learn more about our online accounting service in Wales, take a look through our website, where you can find information on the services we offer and the people we help. Alternatively, you can contact us for a free consultation if you prefer to chat in person.

If you’re keen to get started as soon as possible, you can fill out our free online quote form to get a fixed quote for our service. Once you have identified your business needs and know your anticipated monthly cost, you can decide whether our offering is in line with your current budget.

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