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Accountant in Bridgend

For dedicated accounting, bookkeeping and tax support in Bridgend, South Wales, choose Mazuma. We’re an online accounting service helping businesses like yours grow and be more profitable.

With a team of chartered accountants and tax advisors, we’re here to help you with every step of your journey, from company formation to audit work, accounts, self-assessment tax returns, payroll and VAT. Whether you’re a startup or small business looking to hand over your financial responsibilities to an expert, or you’re a thriving limited company looking to streamline your processes, Mazuma can help you achieve your goals.

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How Does Our Bridgend Accounting Service Work?

Our Bridgend and South Wales chartered accountants offer streamlined financial services that require little effort on your part.

Because we do everything online, we don’t have a registered Bridgend office. Instead, we’re available across England and Wales, offering a service that can be accessed wherever there is an internet connection.

There are just four simple steps involved in our accounting services:

Mazumas free invoicing software

Step 1

Gather your financial documents and send them to us (either by freepost or via our web portal). Additionally, you can connect your bank account to our portal and send invoices using our tool.

Step 2

One of our chartered accountants will manage your accounts, bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, payroll and VAT on your behalf.

Step 3

At the end of every month, your accountant will send you a copy of your accounts. They can also offer advice based on your data.

Tax consultation

Step 4

Once the tax year comes to an end, your accountant will do all your returns and submit them to Companies House and/or HMRC.

Online Accounting in Bridgend

Mazuma’s accounting service is designed with convenience in mind — so you may notice that we operate a little differently from the local accountants you know.

We’re based online, so we don’t have a physical Bridgend office for you to visit. Instead, you can communicate with us at any time, any place, via your phone or laptop. You’ll be able to speak directly with your dedicated accountant when you have an issue — no waiting on hold to speak with someone who might not be qualified to give you advice.

In many ways, however, we’re still accountants in a traditional sense. We know how difficult managing finances can be, and our team is on hand to make everything from tax returns to bookkeeping as easy as possible. We’ll pair you with a single dedicated accountant, who can get to know your goals as a business owner. We provide all of this within your rolling monthly fee, which won’t change unless you require additional services in the future.


Why Choose Mazuma's Bridgend Accountants?

We know that there are numerous registered accountants you could choose from in Bridgend. However, we’re confident that if you choose Mazuma, you’ll end up feeling you’ve made the right choice.

Here’s why you should sign up for Mazuma’s accounting service:

Waste less time

We know that you are busy enough as it is with trading, marketing, sales, customer service, and other aspects of company management, without having to factor in the time for accounts and bookkeeping.

We offer a much more efficient and convenient accounting solution. We don’t have an office, and we won’t make you visit us for unnecessary in-person meetings or lengthy phone calls. If you do need to call your accountant to talk about any aspect of our service, it’s free.

Receive support across the board

Our registered accountants can provide a simple solution for your accounts and bookkeeping needs, but it doesn’t end there.

We can also support your business in other areas with our range of tailored services. Whether you need help with tax planning and tax efficiency, business growth and development, or payroll and employee management, our advice and support can help you get there faster.

Get paired with your own accountant

We believe that it’s important for your accountant to have a proper understanding of your business’s financial situation — and the best way to build a relationship with our clients is with dedicated accountants.

Each of our clients works with a single dedicated accountant, who can get to know their business’s needs and goals over time.

Choose how you want to work with us

Your only job is to send us your financial documents. You can choose how you do this — post them to us (it’s free!) or upload them directly onto our web portal. Simply choose the option that’s easiest and most convenient for you.

We’re always here for you

Your local accountants in Bridgend may work independently or in small teams of fewer than five people. The problem here is that if your accountant takes sick leave or quits the business for good, you may be left hanging.

Being an online accounting practice, Mazuma provides a large, growing team of qualified accountants for the clients who require our service. If your dedicated accountant is away for any reason, it won’t be the end of the world. We’ll have all your details on record and will be able to pass you smoothly over to another member of our team.

Bridgend Accountancy Service FAQs

What are the accounting services that you offer?

Our firm offers a range of accounting services, including bookkeeping, tax planning, payroll services, VAT returns, personal tax return, accounts management, and invoicing. Our accountants can also offer dedicated services as requested by you — we can advise on investment business activities, business plans strategy, and other areas of financial management.

Who Can use Mazuma’s Accounting Service?

Our team of registered accountants is well-versed in working with businesses of all sizes and formations. Small businesses, partnership company setups, sole traders and freelancers can all benefit from our service.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No. Our firm doesn’t have an obligatory minimum contract or ‘tie-in’ period . Instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee, and you’re not required to stay with our local accounting service for any set period of time.

How do I know if Mazuma offers the right accountant for me?

You can browse our website for more information on which clients our firm supports. Alternatively, fill out our quote form (it’s free) to get a monthly price for our service. If our prices and services are in line with what you’re looking for, we’re a good fit for you.

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