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Limited Company Accounts

Choose Mazuma for your Ltd Company Accounts

Our small business and micro business accountants have a wide range of experiences and qualifications – ranging from Accountancy degrees to the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Many of our staff have been with us over a decade and are highly experienced experts in their fields.

We are here to help businesses just like yours get their accounts and tax done quickly, accurately, and for a great price.

Limited Company Accounts from £550

Need a set of Ltd Company Accounts done but don’t fancy paying a fortune for the service?  Our one-off Ltd Accounts service could be perfect for you, and costs from just £550.

Mazuma’s one-off Ltd Accounts service is perfect for those of you who need a little help each year completing and submitting your Ltd Company accounts to HMRC and Companies house.  

All you need to do is choose the appropriate package from the list below and then buy it here:


Which package do you need?

CT600 only - £100

You have prepared the Statutory Accounts and filed them at Companies House, but you need us to file the Corporation Tax Return for you.

Trial Balance package - £550

You have done all the bookkeeping and bank reconciliation yourself in bookkeeping software and can provide a report called a Trial Balance to us.

Electronic Package - £650

You have not used any bookkeeping software during the year, but you can provide all of your paperwork and bank statements to us electronically.

A maximum of 250 transactions is covered.

Paperwork Package - £800

You have not used any bookkeeping software during the year and you can provide all of your paperwork and bank statements to us via post.

A maximum of 250 transactions is covered.

How does the Ltd Company Accounts Service work?

1. Gather together all of your paperwork.  This should include:

  • Sales invoices or records of sales income received
  • Purchase invoices
  • Receipts for expenses
  • Mileage logs or fuel receipts
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Business bank statements
  • Lease or HP agreements in the company name
  • VAT returns if your business is VAT registered
  • Anything else you think is relevant!

2. Buy the right package and we’ll send you your forms

3. Answer all the questions on the form we send you and return it with your paperwork (physically or digitally depending on package)

4. We’ll do the bookkeeping, produce your Ltd Company Accounts, Filleted Accounts, Corporation Tax Computation and CT600 Corporation Tax Return and send them to you for electronic signature 

5. Once they’re signed we’ll submit them to Companies House and HMRC for you

6. That’s it! Easy peasy, stress-free Accountancy for you.

Please note that this service is superb as a one off service but in no way compares to the level of service you’d get from our fully managed Subscription Based Accounting Services package.  If you need ongoing advice and to be sure that the dividends you’re taking are legal then you should think about upgrading to this service.  

However, if you need a set of accounts done by qualified Accountants,  quickly and cheaply then this package is a really good option.



We aim to get all the work completed within 6 weeks of receiving all relevant paperwork.  If you have a previous accountant then this will include the receipt of any relevant paperwork from them.  The most common delay in getting the work completed on time is waiting for paperwork from a previous accountant or because we are waiting for additional information from you.  To avoid this happening please make sure you send us everything you think we’ll need and make sure that you have paid any outstanding bills with your previous accountant!

If you need the accounts completed in double quick time then we may be able to help you but an additional “fast track” fee will be payable.  Please contact us for details.

Please note that this service is not suitable for the production of Ltd Company Accounts and Corporation Tax Returns that require any additional forms or supplementary pages completed.  The only form covered within the Corporation Tax submission is the CT600.  This service does not cover the preparation of the supplementary pages for Loans to participators by close companies, Controlled foreign companies (and Bank Levy), Group and Consortium, Insurance, Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs, Tonnage Tax, Corporate Venturing Scheme, Cross-border Royalties, Supplementary charge in respect of ring fence trades, or Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes.

If you are in doubt about any of the above then please contact us before you purchase as no refunds can be offered.

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