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Limited Company accounts

Registering as a Limited Company has lots of benefits and is the next logical step when your company has outgrown sole trader status.

With Limited Company growth comes additional administrative responsibilities the biggest of which is managing your Limited Company finances.  

If you are finding Limited Company finances time consuming and a real headache, don’t worry, Mazuma’s Limited Company Accounts service can help.

Small Business Accounting Services

You’re a limited company on the verge of outsourcing your finances. How can Mazuma help?

For only £85 + VAT / month our Limited Company Accounts service will take care of your tax, bookkeeping and accounts.  You don’t have to worry about a thing, apart from how to spend the time you have freed up. 

We are far more than Cheap Accountants for Limited Companies.  Our hassle-free subscription based accounting services give you peace of mind that your finances are being managed by our team of expert accountants. Once you sign up you will be allocated your own dedicated accountant that will be available whenever you have a question or need advice all year round. 

Our accountants are here to take care of your numbers so you don’t have to! 

What are the benefits of using Mazuma’s Limited Company Accounts Service?

From sifting through paperwork and receipts to dealing with HMRC on your behalf, here’s how we can help

  • Monthly management accounts – you’ll receive management accounts every month, complete with an estimated tax bill. With us keeping an eye on the bigger picture, the close monitoring will help you make your business a success. 
  • Bookkeeping for limited companies – bookkeeping is time consuming, even with the latest software and the best will in the world. Freeing yourself up will allow you to invest your time and expertise where it’s really needed – into the business itself.
  • VAT returns – entrust us to complete your vat return ahead of the deadline. As well as keep a record of all your finance deadlines.
  • Monthly or weekly payroll – avoid expensive mistakes. We’ll coordinate the payroll for all of your company’s employees, accurately and reliably.
  • Corporation tax – in your first year you will be eligible for tax allowances. Rely on our expertise and up to date knowledge to help you find the best outcome.
  • Self assessment tax return – we make sure you’re covered too. We’ll complete your personal tax return as well as the business’s to give you absolute peace of mind where HMRC is concerned.
  • Statutory year end accounts – with the paperwork you’ve sent our way over the year, we’ll prepare and submit your year-end accounts to HMRC and Companies House.

What is a Limited Company?

A Limited Company is a form of business structure used by businesses both large and small. Very simply, it is a legal structure for a business where the liability of each shareholder is limited to their individual investment. If you’ve ever set up a Limited Company and ‘purchased’ a share for £1 – then that is the liability. This is known as limited liability and is one of the biggest differentiators between structuring your business as sole trader and a Limited Company.

A Limited Company has to submit accounts and a confirmation statement to Companies House each year, as well as submitting accounts and a company tax return to HMRC. You’ll also need to keep accurate records of all of your income and expenses – making sure that it’s in an HMRC approved format ready for Making Tax Digital.

The additional admin associated with running a Limited Company means that we highly recommend getting an Accountant to deal with it for you!

Who should trade through a Limited Company?

There is no minimum size limit for limited companies, so many people who are self employed, run smaller businesses or are freelancers or contractors choose to run through a Limited Company for a variety of reasons.

A common misconception is that Limited Companies have to be VAT registered, but that isn’t true! So even if you just run a very small business, a Limited Company might be a good choice for you.

Operating through a Limited Company can give a new business the impression of being more established than they are – which can help with winning work in those early days.

Some companies will also only trade with Limited Companies, so operating through one keeps all of your options open.

Advantages of a Limited Company

There are several advantages to operating your small business through a Limited Company.

The first is limited liability – if the business goes bust, or someone takes legal action against you, then it is the company (not you personally) that bears the liability.

Then there is tax efficiency. Although not as attractive as it was ten years ago, operating through a Limited Company can still afford a small business opportunities to keep more of your income.

Registering your company at Companies House will legally protect the name of your business. There can only ever be one company in the UK with each name – so your business name will be unique just to you.


Disdvantages of a Limited Company

The main disadvantages of operating through a Limited Company are the additional responsibilities it brings.

Limited Companies have a range of extra reporting to do for Companies House and HMRC, and most of it should be undertaken by an Accountant to avoid costly mistakes.

The Accountancy fees for a Limited Company are higher than those for a sole trader to reflect all of the additional work required. However, they should be more than covered by the advantages of become a Limited Company.

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Limited Company Accounts FAQs

The deadline for submitting the return online and paying HMRC is usually the same. It’s one calendar month and 7 days after the end of your VAT period.
A huge bonus of hiring a team of expert accountants to take care of your VAT return is that you can be confident all the figures are correct. 
We do understand that we're not a traditional accountancy firm and that our multi award-winning re-vamped way of working might not be everyone's cup of tea.  We think that most small businesses could benefit from a bit of Mazuma magic, but take a look at the reasons why we may not be right for you before you make a final decision! To make it easy we also explain how you can switch to us.
If you sign up with us part way through your financial year it is very likely that there will a catch-up of bookkeeping and accounts work to be done to get you up to date.   For example, if your financial year commences in April and you sign up with Mazuma in July, your first payment to us will be 4 x £monthly price to cover April, May, June and July.  Don't worry though. you can split your catch-up payment over the first three months of your contract if you like!  Once you're all up to date you will just pay your fixed monthly price.  In order for us to complete your year end accounts and tax returns we simply ask that you have been a client of Mazuma for one year or have made the equivalent of 12 monthly payments.
People often ask us how our accounting service can be so cheap, querying how we it's possible to be a cheap accountant who is also reliable and knowledgeable. Mazuma's structure means that you have the right person doing the right job so we can keep our fees as low as possible.  We make sure that our Chartered Accountants spend their time doing accounts and tax, not scanning and filing!  This means that they can work more efficiently, keeping your fees down.

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