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Accountant in Newport

Running a business can be as challenging as it is rewarding. You have a team to manage, customers to deliver results to, and your finances to keep in order.

Mazuma offers a simplified online accounting service for businesses of all sizes and structures in Newport, South Wales. Whether you’re a freelancer, a startup, a limited company or a partnership, our services will help you find an edge.

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How does our Newport Accounting service work?

At Mazuma, our accountants know the value of getting the job done, wasting no time, and never offering surprise charges when we take on something extra for your business.

We’re a fully online accountancy, so we don’t have a registered office in Newport. Our accounting services prioritise convenience — you can be connected to us whenever you have access to the internet.

When you get started with Mazuma, you can enjoy accounting in four simple steps:

Mazumas free invoicing software

Step 1

Use our web portal to upload your paperwork, or post it to us for free. You can also connect our portal directly to your bank account, and send invoices using our tool.

Step 2

Once they have the information they need, our chartered accountants will take care of your accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, bank reconciliations, VAT, and more.

Step 3

We’ll send over a copy of your accounts at the end of every month. Your accountant is also on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you might have.

Tax consultation

Step 4

At the end of the year, our accountants will take tax responsibility off your hands. We’ll submit your returns to Companies House and/or HMRC with plenty of time to spare.

Online accounting in Newport

As online accountants, we work a little differently to the typical local accountant.

We’ll deliver a first-class service, and you’ll get one-on-one support in a range of areas, including management accounts, bookkeeping, self-assessment tax and VAT returns, payroll, and even specialised services like financial planning, cash flow forecasts, and more.

The big difference is that our dedicated business advisors and accountants in Newport are based solely online, so it doesn’t matter where you are in South Wales, or anywhere in the country — we’ll always be available to offer our accountancy services when you need them.


Why choose Mazuma's Newport accountants?

Mazuma’s Newport accountancy services aim to make your life easier, rather than adding to the pressure.

We know that your ideal accountant will never give you extra tasks on top of your full-to-bursting to-do list, or ask you to learn something you’d rather not learn. Instead, our accountants are simply here to offer support and guidance whenever you need us.

Get advice you can trust

The monthly management of accounts and bookkeeping are the mainstays of our service, but we offer so much more beyond that.

Our accountants can advise on tax savings, ensure that you’re compliant with HMRC and Companies House, manage your payroll, and provide you with all the financial information your business needs to excel.

Enjoy affordable support

We know that a good accountancy firm should be available to support its clients on all occasions.

Availability goes beyond contact hours and accountancy should be as affordable to the budget of any business, whatever its size. Whether you’re just looking for basic bookkeeping and somebody to complete your self-assessment tax return, or you need more complex support, you’ll be able to handpick the services you require.

Stay in-the-know

We believe that the more our clients know, the happier they are. You might want to hand over the responsibility of your accounts to an expert, but that doesn’t mean you want to be kept in the dark.

We’ll keep you informed throughout the year, sharing your accounts at the end of every month and offering advice based on your data, so you can still feel in control.

Newport accountancy service FAQS

What are the accountancy services that you offer?

Our team of qualified accountants offers a range of accountancy services to a diverse pool of clients, including self-assessment tax return, payroll, bookkeeping, business advice, taxation efficiency guidance, and more.

Who can use Mazuma’s accounting service?

Anyone! From start-ups and sole traders to partnerships, limited companies and larger organisations, our skilled accountants in Newport can provide a personal service to all types of business.

How do I know if Mazuma’s accountants offer the right service for me?

Our accountants specialise in providing financial support to clients throughout the UK. You can browse our website for more information, or contact us to speak in person.

Alternatively, fill out our free online quote form to get a monthly cost for our service. If you like the sound of what we offer, and the price is within your budget, you can arrange for a free initial consultation.

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