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Specialist Accountants For Freelancers in the UK

As a freelancer you are experienced in juggling workloads to meet client deadlines and expectations, and you may work long hours to get stuff done.  The question is do you have the experience and the time to manage your own accounts?  Often bookkeeping gets left until the last minute which unfortunately means mistakes get made. 

Expert accountants for Freelancers

Our expert team of accountants help thousands of freelancers in different trades with our freelancers accountancy subscription service starting from only £34/month.

Why Choose Mazuma For Freelancer Accountancy Services?

An Affordable Accounting Solution

For freelancers, every penny counts. We know that. Being self-employed means investing in every aspect of the business yourself. Hence, we completely understand your hesitance in investing in something new. For this reason, our online accounting services are affordable for everyone, whether you’re a new or seasoned freelancer. 

Low-Hassle Accounts Management

Juggling the tasks of running a freelance company can be a challenge. You have to wear many hats, taking on the role of a marketer, a salesperson, strategy planner, and customer service rep in one. Outsourcing your accounting duties to Mazuma will take away the hassle of extra responsibility, giving you more time to focus on other business areas.

Ease The Stress of Tax Returns

Most freelancers agree that the biggest hassle of managing a self-employed business has to deal with self-assessment tax returns and National Insurance contributions. At Mazuma, our chartered accountants will submit your accounts for your self-assessment tax return on your behalf and with plenty of time to spare, making sure you’re compliant with HMRC’s regulations.

Tax Efficiency Support

If there’s anything worse than submitting your self-assessment tax return, it’s paying your taxes. Our freelance accounting experts are here to ensure you run your business in the most tax-efficient way. Our tax efficiency support helps to reduce your tax liability and leaves you with a smaller bill to pay off as you near the end of the tax year.

Flexible For All Freelancers

We understand that every freelance business is unique. For example, you might run a small freelance company as a side-hobby or supplementary income, or you even run a full-time business that earns more money than you ever could have hoped for while in traditional employment. In every case, we offer a flexible accounting service that suits all manner of situations.

Your Own Dedicated Accountant

At Mazuma, we have a team of specialist freelancer accountants. That means we’ll assign you to your own dedicated accountant when you get started with us. Having your own accountant means you benefit from a personalised service tailored to your needs. Your accountant will get to know you well and offer advice concerning your unique situation.

Support Whenever You Need It

We know that setting up and running your own freelance company can be daunting. But, don’t worry. We’re here to provide all the support you need to thrive as an entrepreneur. Whether you’ve yet to get started or you’re simply keen to learn more about your responsibilities as a freelancer, we’re here to help.

Grow With Us

Most freelancers choose to scale or expand over time. You also might decide to take on a partner or employee after growing your freelance business. When that happens, know that we can offer you the support you need to keep expanding your firm, whether you’re looking to take on more work, increase your rates significantly, or transition to a limited company.

Outsource Your Freelance Accounting To Mazuma

Are you a freelancer, or are you thinking about starting a freelance business? Though becoming a freelancer is undeniably exciting and can open the door to working on the projects that make you tick, certain aspects of managing your own business are much less appealing.

When it comes to your finances, there’s a lot to learn. You’ll need to log your monthly income and expenses and submit them to HMRC at the end of the tax year. You’ll then be required to pay the tax you owe and start the process again next year. You may also want to open your own business bank account to keep your business payments separate from your personal.

Tracking finances is one of the biggest struggles for freelancers, especially collecting piles of paper receipts and invoices that need to be processed online. If you buy and sell stock or order tools for your work weekly, you’re in for an even more confusing time, as you’ll have significantly more expenses than a freelancer who offers a digital service.

While accountants for freelancers aren’t essential, hiring a specialist accountant is strongly recommended if you want to keep your accounts in order. That will only become more important when the new Making Tax Digital rules become compulsory in 2023, requiring all sole traders to use online accounting software to log their business transactions and expenses throughout the year.

Whether you’re a new freelancer daunted by the prospect of doing your own bookkeeping, or you’ve been freelancing for a while, and you’re simply tired of the financial responsibility, working with your accountant at Mazuma will prove hugely beneficial.

At Mazuma, our freelance accountancy services, together with our award-winning online accounting software, are designed to simplify a freelancer’s accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities. We’ll manage your accounts on your behalf ensuring your tax obligations are minimised.

When you work with us, know that your self-assessment tax return will be submitted accurately and on time because your dedicated accountant will submit it for you. We’ll also provide you with the information and updates you need to pay your taxes and offer additional practical support tailored to your personal circumstances.

Our freelancer accountants offer flexible, comprehensive monthly accounting packages designed to suit your individual needs. We know that not all freelancers are looking for the same level of support from an accountant, which is why we give you the freedom to select the services that apply to you when you request a free quote.

No matter your goals as a sole trader, working with an online accountancy firm like Mazuma can help you achieve them. Not only do we help you run your business tax-efficiently, but we also provide the support you need to scale and evolve.

Even the simple act of handing over your accounting responsibilities to a professional gives the free time you need to focus on growth, improve your services, or simply relax after a hectic workday.

Getting started with Mazuma is easy!

If you dread tax returns and don't want to deal with the hassle of documenting your business expenses and earnings, you need Mazuma.

Advantages Of Choosing Mazuma For Freelancer Accounting

There’s a big difference between working with Mazuma’s specialist freelancer accountants and hiring a traditional accountancy firm.


If you’re starting your journey as a freelancer, you probably have your fair share of questions and doubts. A conventional accountant won’t address them while a dedicated accountant for freelancers will.


Our freelancer accountancy services do way more than just support you with general accounting duties. We also help you with the following:

  • Reducing tax liability
  • Understanding the process of starting a freelance company
  • Setting up a business bank account
  • Deciding between a limited company or sole trader business model
  • Determining which claimable business expenses 
  • Understanding your net take-home pay
  • Registering for VAT (if applicable)


We want your freelance business to thrive. With our personalised accountancy services, we can help you do that, as we offer a much more tailored bookkeeping solution than a traditional accountancy firm.


How Much Do Freelance Accountants Charge?

You don’t have to pay hundreds of pounds a month for a great accountant. Our expert accountants for small businesses and freelancers charge a fixed monthly fee, with no hidden costs. Your exact monthly fee depends on the services you opt for when you get your free quote. If you’ve been a Mazuma customer for a full year, there won’t be an extra charge for your annual accounts.

What Do Freelance Accountants Do?

That depends on the service you opt for. At Mazuma, the accountant assigned to you will track your monthly income and expenses on our online accounting software and submit your annual accounts when tax season arrives.


We also offer tailored advice, including tax efficiency support, and provide you with monthly reports to give you an ongoing understanding of your business finances over the year. If you need to register on HMRC or set up a business bank account, again, we’re here to help.

Do I Need an Accountant as a Freelancer?

No. There’s no legal requirement to have an accountant as a sole trader or freelancer in the UK. That said, many people find that the advantages of having one, such as not having to get to grips with online accounting software or struggle with paying tax bills, make it worth the investment.


If managing your finances is stopping you from successfully juggling other aspects of your business, from project management to day-to-day customer service, investing in an online accounting service just makes sense.

Where Can I Find Freelance Accountants?

The easiest way to find accountants for freelancers is to look online. In this way, you can view customer reviews and ensure that a service is worth the money before investing.

Why Should I Choose Mazuma Over a Local Accountancy Firm?

If you’re looking for the convenience of an accountant in your pocket, you’ll love Mazuma. Your dedicated accountant uses our award-winning accounting software to look after the financial side of your business, so you can focus solely on working on your exciting projects.


We understand that many sole traders already have enough responsibilities on their shoulders, on top of being account managers for their business. Therefore, to help every freelancer, our services are very flexible, with options for every budget.

What Are the Details You’ll Need From Me?

When you sign up for our freelancer accountancy services, our accountants will ask for the following details (some might not be relevant if you’re new to self-employment):

  • Your full name and ID (i.e., drivers’ license or passport);
  • Your date of birth (DOB);
  • Your current address and proof you live there;
  • Your mobile and/or home phone number;
  • Your National Insurance (NI) number;
  • Your company name and number;
  • Your Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number;
  • Your VAT registration number;
  • Documentation of your previous tax return.

Do You Also Offer Limited Company Accountancy Services?

Yes. Even if you have no current plans to start your own limited company in place of being a sole trader, it’s helpful to know your accountant offers the option for potential future expansion.


We have separate limited company accountancy services that help with all aspects of limited company set-up and accounting, from company registration to paying corporation tax, offering unlimited expert advice along the way. 


Learn more about our services for limited companies here.

What’s the Advantage of Having a Dedicated Accountant?

We offer sole trader accounting solutions to multiple clients, so pairing each of our customers with a dedicated accountant helps us offer everyone the most personalised service possible. We’ll get to know your business over time, which wouldn’t happen with traditional, brick-and-mortar accounting. Instead, you’d be passed from one accountant to another.

What Happens if I Sign Up for Mazuma’s Self-Employment Accounts Service Part-Way Through the Year?

If you sign up with us part-way through the financial year, our accountants will likely need to play catch-up, ensuring your bookkeeping is up to date. For example, if you sign up with Mazuma in July, your first payment to us will be 4 times our monthly price to cover April, May, June, and July. 

Don’t worry, though. You can split your catch-up payment over the first three months of your contract if you like!

Once you’re up to date, you just pay your fixed monthly price. To complete your tax return, we ask you to have been a client of Mazuma for one year or have made the equivalent of 12 monthly payments.

Do You Also Offer a VAT Return?

Yes. As well as our tax services, we’ll complete your VAT returns on our accounting software if you earn over the £80,000 threshold. We can also help you to get VAT registered if this is something you’re unfamiliar with.

Can You Help Me Switch From a Previous Accountant?

Yes. If you’re looking to move from a previous accountant to us, we can handle the switch for you. We’ll contact your previous accountants and obtain the information we need, like your accounting history. Your specialist accountant will then update our accounting software with your details. Once we have the information we need from your previous accountant, we can get started on your bookkeeping immediately.

How Is My Quote Calculated?

The quote you’ll receive is based on the work you require us to do for your sole trader business. We will use your information to determine the average number of bookkeeping transactions we’ll make per week. That shows us how much work we can expect to put in for your business monthly and then we’ll calculate your quote. 

It’s quick and easy to get a free quote for our service. Click here to get started today.

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