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Need Help Finding an Accountant?

Mazuma offers the best chartered accountants in your local area. We’re based entirely online, so no matter where you live – from the middle of London to the remote Scottish Highlands – we’re by your side at any time.

With Mazuma, there’s no need to hunt for a locally-based accountant or waste time with in-person meetups. Anyone who owns a phone, laptop, or tablet can use our service. If you prefer to send your receipts to us in the post, your nearest post box is your local connection to our accountants.

Simply let us know what services you’re looking for, or tell us about the financial responsibilities you’d like us to manage on your behalf. We’ll pair you up with a dedicated accountant who will handle every aspect of your bookkeeping going forward.

How Our Local Accounting Services Work

We’ve made our local accounting service as simple to follow as possible. We know that when you’re outsourcing your work to us, you don’t want the hassle of navigating a brand-new accounting software or doing the numberwork yourself. You’re looking for an expert that can do the hard work for you, and that’s exactly what we can offer.

When you become a Mazuma customer, here’s the process that will follow:

  • We’ll connect you with a dedicated accountant. You’ll work with the same person from this moment on.
  • You’ll send us the paperwork that we need, either via our web portal or free post. This usually includes receipts, invoices, expenses, and more. You can choose whether to send these over the course of the month (more popular for online submissions) or at the end of every month (a good choice for posting your receipts).
  • Our team will manage your accounting and bookkeeping, as well as anything else you require, including payroll, bank reconciliations and VAT.
  • Your dedicated chartered accountant will check in with you at the end of every month. They’ll provide you with a copy of your accounts and offer business advice and guidance to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • We’ll use our accounting software at the end of every year to file your returns and submit them to HMRC and/or Companies House.
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Choose Mazuma As Your Local Accounting Service

In your search for accountants near you, you’ve probably noticed that many accountants in your area prefer to do things in the traditional sense.

This means in-person meetings to discuss your business needs in detail – and that’s before you’ve even decided whether they’re the right fit for you.

While working with a traditional accounting company has its benefits, it requires more time commitment from you and often comes at a premium price. If you’ve never used an accountant before now, suddenly having to shell out hundreds of pounds for yearly bookkeeping services probably doesn’t have much appeal.

At Mazuma, we understand that small business owners and self-employed individuals are looking for two things in a locally-based accountant: affordability and low commitment. We know that you have more important things to do than meet up with an accountant in person, but you’re still keen to find a professional that can fully take over your bookkeeping responsibilities.

Our local accountants strive to help your business, not hinder it. Because we’re based online, we don’t ask that you meet us for coffee when you’ve got enough on your plate as it is. Instead, we’ll simply arrange for a quick (and free!) consultation when you first reach out to us. We’ll then provide you with the service you signed up for, checking in once a month online to share a monthly report of our work.

You’ll get your dedicated chartered accountant, so you’ll get the same personal service as you would from a private accounting firm based in your area – at a fraction of the cost.

Many of the small businesses that work with us are focusing on growth, and we aim to offer a service that is affordable for everyone. Having an accountant is a necessity, not a luxury, and we certainly don’t expect you to put all of your spare cash into our service.

Using our online accountancy firm will save you a whole lot of fuss as far as your bookkeeping is concerned. Simply scan your receipts straight into our online accounting software. Alternatively, send your receipts in the post using our purple envelope system. We’re as close to you as your nearest post box.

Don’t want to get tied in for life? You’ll be happy to know that we don’t have minimum contract periods, so you can stay with us for as long as you want. Of course, we hope you’ll choose our service for the foreseeable future, but if your circumstances change, we understand. You’re not obliged to continue paying for accounting services that you no longer wish to use.

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Accountancy Services Near You: What We Offer

Search “accountants near me” on Google and you’ll probably be inundated with results – but it’s not always clear what you’re signing up for.

When you find an accountant near you, they may promise to change your life with their service. After meeting with them, you then discover that they’re only able to handle one small aspect of your finances, perhaps because that’s all that they’re trained in, or it’s all they have time for.

Mazuma has a large team of online chartered accountants, so you can rest assured that we offer all the local accountancy services you’re looking for. These include:

Your Subscription Can Include

Managed Bookkeeping Service

As a small business owner, you probably don’t have the spare time in the day to manage your bookkeeping. We can help you to avoid playing catch-up with your accounts by managing your bookkeeping on your behalf. You’ll have more time to grow your business – or simply relax after a long day at work.

Invoicing Software

Another tedious task for any small business owner is sending and chasing invoices. Our business accounting service comes with automated invoicing software that lets you send and manage invoices with just a few clicks.

Management Accounts

It’s unlikely that you are interested in managing your company’s accounts, but you know that this essential responsibility can’t be avoided. Instead of spending your own time totaling up the figures, leave the hard work to the experts. Our chartered accountants will prepare your monthly balance sheet, profit & loss account, and detailed ledger listings, so you don’t have to.

Tax consultation

Self-Assessment Tax Return

Your self-assessment tax return is something you probably don’t look forward to every year – but it has to be done. Our accountants will ensure accurate digital record keeping, and when the tax season comes around, we’ll submit your tax returns on your behalf. We’ll make sure you stay compliant with the law.

Payroll Services

Nothing is more frustrating to your employees than an error or delay with payslips. We can manage your payroll for you with our comprehensive payroll services, ensuring that your employees are paid on time with our comprehensive payroll services and that national insurance and pension contributions are made accurately. We’ll also file your reports on HMRC.

Making Tax Digital

VAT Return Service

Our accountants can handle the complex, time-consuming process of calculating and reporting your VAT. We’ll check you’re on the right scheme and ensure that everything is accounted for correctly. You can count on us to submit your VAT returns with plenty of time to spare.

Corporation Tax Return

If you’re a limited company in the UK, you’re legally required to submit HMRC tax returns at the end of the financial year. Keeping on top of your tax affairs monthly is essential if you don’t want to be overwhelmed with last-minute numberwork. Use our digital corporation tax service and breathe easy in the knowledge that we’re here for you.

Your Own Dedicated Accountant

You’ll have a single, friendly accountant as your point of contact. They’ll get to know you as a client over time, enabling them to offer you tailored advice and help you achieve your small business goals. This personalised service is included in our monthly price plan.


Are Mazuma’s accountants actually based near me?

We’re local — to the UK! Your dedicated accountant could be based anywhere in the country. Because our service can be accessed on your mobile phone, it’ll feel like your accountant is by your side at all times – or, more accurately, in your pocket (though that’s an unusual image).

Though your accountant could be based in Bristol or Birmingham, Southampton or Staffordshire, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed: they’ll be British, trained and qualified in the UK, and they’ll know the ins and outs of British accountancy laws like the backs of their hands.

I’m not much of a tech person. Are Mazuma’s accountancy services still for me?

Yes! You’re not required to use our accounting software, so it’s certainly not a problem if you’re unenthusiastic at the thought of learning something new and complex on your phone. You’ll only need to use your phone for the very basics – messaging or calling your accountant. There’s no obligation to upload your receipts online. You can choose to use our purple envelopes scheme, sending your receipts straight to us in the post, if you’d prefer.

What makes Mazuma better than accountants near me?

When you find an accountant in your area, your choice is limited. Mazuma handpicks the best chartered accountants across the UK, so you’re guaranteed to receive top-quality service. We also won’t waste your time with unnecessary meetings – though we’re still here to answer your questions and offer business advice online or over the phone.

Finally, our prices are affordable for small businesses, and they always will be. While accountants near you may offer packages requiring a minimum spend, we let you tailor our service to suit your needs and budget.

I’m a sole trader – can I use Mazuma’s accounting services?

Yes. Our accounting services are designed for small business owners and sole traders. We know that switching from traditional employment to self-employment can feel daunting enough without adding sole trading financial responsibilities to the mix. We can record your monthly income and expenses and submit your personal tax returns accurately and on time.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No. While many accountants based locally will require a minimum contract period or ‘tie-in’, we don’t ask this of our customers. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee, with no obligation to use our accounting services for any longer than you want to.

What are the details you’ll need from me?

When you get started with our accountancy services, our chartered accountants will need the following details from you:

  • Your full name and ID (either drivers’ license or passport)
  • Your D.O.B
  • Your current address and proof that you live there
  • Your mobile and/or home phone number
  • Your NI (National Insurance) number
  • Your company name and number
  • Your UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number
  • Your VAT registration number
  • Documentation of your previous tax return


Some of these details may not apply to you, and that’s fine. Our accountants will let you know what we need when we contact you.

Will I get a dedicated accountant?

Yes! We’ll pair you with a dedicated accounting expert within our company once you’ve signed up for our monthly accounts management services. The same accountant will deal with your accounts and tax and will be available to answer any ongoing questions you may have. We don’t split clients between multiple staff members. We know that pairing a single dedicated accounting professional with each of our clients helps us provide the ideal solution for various business needs. 

How can I find accountants in my area?

Searching online is easiest nowadays. But it’s worth asking yourself what you think you’ll benefit from if you choose an accountant near you. Unless you have a specific reason for wanting to meet an accountant in person, you’ll likely be better off with an online accounting company.

How much does it cost to hire an accountant UK?

This depends on the accountants you’re looking for and your location. For instance, an accountant in London may charge more than 50% more for the same services that an accountant in Scotland offers. You may find an accounting company that charges £20-£50 per hour for basic services. Many accountants also charge a one-off fee for personal tax returns, costing anything from £120-£300 or more. The average annual cost of an accounting firm is £700.

How much do private accountants charge?

Private accountants usually charge an hourly rate of around £45 per hour for basic services. If you’re looking for more specialist services, such as tax planning, you can expect to pay a private accountant between £125 and £150 per hour. This is a lot more expensive than choosing a professional online accounting company, and there’s more uncertainty, as your accountant may work different hours across different months. However, when you select a chartered accountant online, you pay a fixed monthly rate that never changes – and it’s usually a lot more affordable.

How do I find a good accountant?

Finding the right accountant for your needs is one thing – but finding a good accountant is something else. You must choose a professional accounting company that won’t let you down at the last minute. The last thing you want is to discover that the personal tax accountant that you hired eight months ago has done nothing for you in that time and has left you completely unprepared to pay your taxes.

When choosing an accountant, look online for digital accountants rather than accountants near you. This will give you more options, and having a more extensive selection to choose from means you’ll have plenty of high-quality accounting companies to select from.

Read up on customer reviews and look at the services that an accountant offers. While a professional website is a good sign, positive customer feedback is more valuable. It tells you that clients like you have had a good experience with an accounting company in the past.

Do I need an accountant at all?

No. Many sole traders may choose to handle their own accounts while they work on setting up their company. However, this will become increasingly difficult when the new Making Tax Digital rules are introduced, and everyone – limited companies and sole traders included – will need to use accounting software to submit their financial details online, five times per year.

HMRC could fine you if you aren’t accurate with your accounting, so make sure you’re prepared for this if you plan to handle your financial management yourself.

How do I get started with Mazuma?

If you’re ready to sign up for our accounting services, click the button to the right to get an instant quote online. If you’re happy to proceed, we'll be in touch to arrange a free consultation, where you'll have the chance to discuss your requirements with one of our expert accountants. We'll answer your questions and give you a breakdown of our tailored accountancy solutions before we get started.

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