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Accountant in Swansea

Mazuma Accounting Swansea supports businesses and working professionals in Swansea and the surrounding areas in South Wales. We’re here to help you with our full range of online accounting services, including bookkeeping, accounts management, self-assessment tax returns, payroll solutions and more.

Your accountancy team will get to know your business and offer proactive advice to help you become more tax efficient, scale your business, or simply save money. Whether you’re looking to embrace new opportunities or you’re facing challenges in your business operation, Mazuma can provide the tailored support you’re looking for.

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How does our Swansea accounting service work?

Our Swansea and South Wales accounting team has streamlined the accounting process, requiring less effort from you.

We’re an online accounting service, so we don’t have a registered Swansea. You can be anywhere in Swansea or beyond when you use our service — all you need is access to the internet.

There are just four steps involved in using our accounting service.

Mazumas free invoicing software

Step 1

Send us your paperwork — either via our web portal or by post (it’s free). You can also connect our portal directly to your bank account and send invoices using our tool.

Step 2

Our chartered accountants will take care of your bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, payroll and VAT behind the scenes.

Step 3

You’ll receive your accounts and advice from your accountancy team at the end of every month.

Tax consultation

Step 4

We’ll do all of your returns and submit them to Companies House and/or HMRC at the end of every tax year.

Online Accounting in Swansea

At Mazuma, we do things a little differently from your average local accountant in South Wales.

We’re based online, which means we won’t ask you to waste time travelling to see us in person. Think of us as an accountant in your pocket — someone you can access whenever you need them.

Of course, there are many traditional accounting customs that do observe. We still think it’s important to nurture client relationships and offer dedicated support, which is why we’ll pair you with a single chartered accountant, who can offer tailored business advice and get to know your aims and preferences as a business owner.


Why choose Mazuma's Swansea accountants?

We’re confident that you’ll love our service if you choose to sign up with us today.

Here’s why you should choose Mazuma as your Swansea accountants:

Less hassle and time-wasting

As a sole trader or business owner, you probably feel that you don’t have enough hours in the day as it is.

That’s why we won’t make you give up your time for unnecessary in-person meetings or lengthy phone calls — and if you do need our help, we won’t make you pay extra to chat with us.

Your own accountancy team

We know the importance of a personalised service, and that’s why we assign dedicated accountancy teams to each of our clients.

Your accountant will get to know your business over time, enabling them to work closely with you to help you achieve your goals.

Support in all areas

Our accounting experts don’t just help you to manage your business finances.

We can also offer practical advice in areas such as business performance and business growth, tax legislation and tax planning, and more. Regardless of your industry or annual turnover, you can count on our sound business advice.

Accounting your way

Just because we offer an online service, we don’t make things unnecessarily difficult for you.

Your only job is to send us your financial documents, and you can do this however you prefer — by freepost, email, or directly onto our web portal. We want to simplify your experience with us as much as possible.

Lifelong support

Maybe you won’t need our service for life — but it’s reassuring to know that we’ll be around for that long!

While a local Swansea accountant could leave you in the lurch if they take sick leave or suddenly quit the industry, you won’t have this worry with Mazuma. We’ll have all your details on record, so if we have to pass you on to another of our accountants, it’s no bother.

Swansea accountancy service FAQs

What are the accounting services that you offer?

Our accountants and business advisers offer a range of accounting services, including payroll services, VAT returns, bookkeeping, tax planning, personal tax return and other tax services, accounts management, and invoicing. We can also offer dedicated services as requested by you, including support with business plans and business strategy, cash flow forecasts, and other areas of financial management.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No. Unlike some Swansea accountants, we don’t have an obligatory minimum contract period or ‘tie-in’. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee, and there’s no set period of time that you must pay for our Swansea accounting service.

Will I need to learn to use accounting software?

No. Our accountants use our award-winning cloud accounting software to manage your accounts on your behalf. Our technological focus enables us to streamline your accounting processes, but we don’t ask you to learn how to use our tools.

Who can use Mazuma’s services?

All types of businesses in Swansea can benefit from Mazuma’s first-class service, including freelancers, start-ups, sole traders, partnership businesses, and limited companies.

How do I know if Mazuma offers the right accountancy team for me?

It’s worth filling in our free quote form to get a monthly price for our service based on your business needs. If we offer the services you’re looking for at a price you can afford, our accountancy firm is a good fit for you.

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