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Mazuma vs Osome

Mazuma and Osome are two of the most popular online accounting services currently available in the UK.

Both the UK-founded Mazuma and the Singapore-founded Osome seem to offer very similar services, but Mazuma is the much better option, being the only UK accountancy service to offer the full accounting and bookkeeping package.

This comparison will look at the features included in both packages. By the end, you should have a clearer idea of what both services offer, and which is best for you.

Let’s look at Mazuma and Osome in more detail.

What is Mazuma?

Mazuma is an online accounting service offering a complete bookkeeping and money management solution for small businesses and working professionals. Founded in the UK in 2006, Mazuma has been leading the way in Accountancy for a long time!

A big perk of Mazuma is that, despite this service being 100% online, you get your own dedicated accountant, who will manage your monthly accounts and offer advice when you need it. Mazuma provides accounts and bookkeeping, tax and VAT return, payroll solutions, tax efficiency reports and more.

No matter how you want to improve the performance of your business — whether by better managing your cash flow, improving your tax efficiency, or anything else — Mazuma can provide the support you’re looking for.

What is Osome?

Improving business performance is also the aim of Singapore-founded Osome. The website offers a range of services and packages that can support a business with accounts and bookkeeping.

Like Mazuma, Osome’s accounting services are suitable for freelancers, sole traders and limited companies of all sizes, but their focus is mainly on E-commerce.

While you do get some important basics with Osome — like VAT and tax return, and monthly management reports — Osome doesn’t provide full data entry and bookkeeping, unlike Mazuma.

Mazuma vs Osome: The differences

When comparing Mazuma with Osome, the services can seem similar up-front. However, there are some important differences to note that make Mazuma the better option of the two.

Mazuma is a lot more flexible when it comes to selecting the services you require. Mazuma uses a free quote form that you can fill out to find out how much the service will cost based on your needs. 

You can tailor Mazuma’s service to suit your exact requirements, so you only pay for the services you really want. Operating a subscription model, you won’t find any hidden costs.

Most importantly, Mazuma provides services to a broad range of businesses, and can handle every single accounting responsibility for you, so you won’t have anything to worry about yourself.

Osome is up-front with its pricing, which is great. But you have far less flexibility when it comes to choosing and personalising the services you require. You also don’t get the full accounting package as you do with Mazuma.

With Osome, you can choose ‘Mini’, ‘Starter’, ‘Booming’ or ‘Rocking’ plan, depending on your annual turnover. These plans include features like Daily Support, Govt. & Tax Filings, and E-commerce solutions. If you don’t need E-commerce solutions, you may prefer not to have this in your package, but this isn’t an option.

When should you choose Mazuma, and when should you choose Osome?


Osome is an option to consider if you’re looking for the simplicity of selecting from pricing packages based on annual turnover. However, keep in mind that you won’t get the level of dedicated service that you’ll get with Mazuma.

With E-commerce solutions included in all its packages, Osome is heavily biased towards E-commerce startups and businesses that can benefit from Osome’s sales platform integration and other E-commerce services.

Osome does not allow you to handpick your own accounting services so you may end up paying for services that you don’t need. Osome’s packages are also priced a little higher than other providers. 

Additionally, with Osome, you don’t get a full accounting package, as you do with Mazuma. You may still end up taking on some of your bookkeeping duties yourself, which you may find frustrating.


If you’re looking for a smart accounting solution that you can tailor to your exact requirements, Mazuma is for you. 

You can be any business of any size — from a newly-established freelancer to a thriving limited company — and be able to find a Mazuma monthly package that’s affordable and suitable for you.

The great thing about Mazuma is that your dedicated accountant will do it all for you, from monthly bookkeeping to your tax returns – it’s all included in your accounting package.

Reasons you will love Mazuma:

  • It’s important for you that your accountant handles all of the data entry and bookkeeping responsibilities, eliminating the work for you.
  • You prefer the flexibility of being able to handpick your own accounting services, rather than choosing between packages based on turnover.
  • You’re a business or freelancer in any niche — not necessarily E-commerce.
  • You prefer to pay only for the services you need rather than have an all-in-one accounting solution.
  • You’re looking for a service that can go one step further than simply managing your finances — one that can also improve the performance of your business.

The Verdict: Mazuma for the win

Looking in detail at both services, it quickly becomes apparent that Mazuma offers the best accounting package. You’ll get to hand-pick your services, and you can trust that everything is handled for you by your qualified accountant. Mazuma is the only UK accountancy service that will do all of the data entry and bookkeeping for you.

If you still can’t decide between the two, visit Osome and browse the package options available, then visit Mazuma and fill out the free quote form to get a monthly price for your chosen services. You will quickly see that Mazuma is the better-value service of the two.

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