Small Business Accountants

At Mazuma we specialise in providing accountancy services and cheap accountants for small businesses, freelancers and contractors.  We understand that a business owner needs to concentrate on running their business but the amount of paperwork, bookkeeping and compliance that accompanies running a business can be confusing.

Understanding the financial position of your business is crucial to its success which is why we specialise in delivering a monthly service to our clients.

Purpleforce was developed as an alternative to in-house bookkeeping throughout the year.  Many new businesses do their own bookkeeping and accounts in the early days to cut down on costs, and only employ the services of accountants at the end of the year - a strategy that can often prove a false economy.

Typically, as the business owner you are too busy actually running your business to do your own books, and very soon the pile of paperwork becomes too much to deal with.  This can lead to higher accountancy fees to accommodate the backlog of work and on top of this your business does not have any management accounts with which to make day-to-day decisions.


Instead of insisting that our clients learn to use a software package which is difficult to understand and a drain on your time and resources, Mazuma offer outsourced bookkeeping as well as taking care of the accounts.  Not only does this save you time (and no extra cost to you) so that you can focus on running your business, but it means that you can always be proactive rather than reactive.

Mazuma have some of the best prices in the industry because we believe you should be able to have an accountant from day one, when you need one and with our nationwide coverage we'll always be able to help!

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