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Leighton Watkins

Small Business Team

Our New Business Executive Leighton has a passion for small businesses. He loves hearing your stories of why you started and the challenges you face, and you can be assured that he’ll find the right package and Accountant at Mazuma to help you.

Leighton has always been a sports enthusiast! There probably aren’t many sports that he can’t talk about. He’s even big on the three main American sports, basketball, baseball and American Football. Formula 1 has been his biggest passion in more recent years, and he is one of those people that will wake up in the early hours of the morning to watch the Australian or Japanese Grand Prix.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, Leighton loves to cook and is even known to bake a mean banana cake. You’d never go hungry around him that’s for sure! To combat his love of food and to create balance, Leighton enjoys hiking, going to the gym and martial arts.”

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