20 Jul

Professional Bookkeeping Services

 The accounts are one of the most time-consuming and often confusing aspects of any business. Number crunching can take up hours of the day that could be better spent elsewhere, and hiring a professional accountant is usually far too expensive for smaller businesses. However, we at Mazuma have developed an innovative system, in which we offer comprehensive accountancy and bookkeeping services at a fraction of the cost. Now all businesses, regardless of their size, can benefit from managed accounts.

We appreciate that business owners are often very busy co-ordinating the rest of their company, so there is very little time to learn confusing bookkeeping packages and from time to time, the finances can be forgotten.

At Mazuma we offer two packages – Purpleforce and Platinumforce, which have been designed to take the stress out of every aspect of a company’s accounts. Essentially, all that a business owner needs to do is fill one of our purple envelopes with their invoices, receipts and statements and send it to us, where we will do all the work.

Our bookkeeping services are incredibly reliable and efficient; all income and outgoings will be logged under the correct headings, paperwork will be bound and all details will be sent back to the business owner within just 5 working days.

Bookkeeping is included in both of the packages alongside, monthly management accounts, VAT returns, monthly payrolls, electronic document storage, statutory year end accounts, corporation tax returns and a self assessment tax return.

Business owners can receive a quote for our bookkeeping services by filling out our simple enquiry form. Supplying just a small amount of information such as, the package that you are interested in, your business type, payroll and the number of staff that are employed, we can provide a competitive quotation for a system that is guaranteed to revolutionise the way that you deal with your accounts.

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