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03 Feb

BREXIT DAY: Small businesses need to stay agile in an uncertain environment

The founder of the UK’s leading accountancy firm for small and micro businesses says SMES need to stay agile as we exit the European Union.

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Six Nations
03 Feb

Award-winning company founder says many sportspeople have the ideal skills for business

There are a surprising amount of transferable skills from sports to business...

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5-9 club Welsh ICE Mazuma as Sponsor
17 Jan

Mazuma helps Welsh entrepreneurs to move on from the 9 to 5

Welsh would-be entrepreneurs who want to put the 9 to 5 behind them to start their own businesses are being given a helping hand by innovative online accountants.

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Lucy Cohen, Co-Founder Mazuma
23 Dec

Beware the Fintech Wolf in Collaborator's Clothing

Are Accountant's becoming turkeys voting for Christmas?

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