18 Jun

Let's get real

Here at Mazuma we've noticed something. Over the last few years the portrayal of what it is to run a business, be an entrepreneur or self employed has become a bit, well... fake.

Every day at Mazuma we see the highs and lows of life in business. Not just in our clients, but also in the owners of our company who have put blood, sweat and tears into getting to where we are now.

The media image of a business owner is not the same as the ones we see every day in real life.

So we did a little experiment. We went to a stock photo site and searched for "entrepreneur". And this is what came up.

Man on laptop at beach

I mean, where do we start? The sun lounger, the perfectly blue sea, the lack of any other human beings... Sure. just another day in the office, right?


This is the kind of fake "inspo" we're talking about. Social media is absolutely chock-full of these sorts of images.

And quite frankly we've had enough of it.

In a world where people want the X Factor to swoop in and discover them, want a huge cash injection from Dragon's Den or a quick fix by winning The Apprentice, we've lost sight of what running a business really looks like.

Sure, sometimes you get to go to an awards ceremony, or invited to an event. But usually it's just a lot of long days, fitting work around your life, no sick pay and no holiday allowance. It's not glamorous, but that's the reality. 

Our mental health is so important - and yet we are repeatedly shown an image of what we should be living up to that is far from the truth.  Trying to live up to this unrealistic expectation is damaging to our confidence, sense of worth and emotional well-being. 

We need realness and solidarity in the business community, not photoshop and filters.

So we're asking all you business owners, entrepreneurs and self employed people out there to join in with our campaign.

Post up your pictures of you being real in your business. We want to see the good, the bad, the ugly and the down right ridiculous!

Share them with us on social. Use the hashtag #realbusiness and tag us in the post and we'll re-post them throughout the month of July (and hopefully beyond). 

Let's show the world what running a business really looks like. Let's reclaim our space.

Keep up to date with the campaign on social:


Twitter - @MazumaGB

Instagram - @mazumaaccountants



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