28 Jan

6 unmissable stories: our round-up of 2018

2018 Mazuma overview

Welcome to our round-up of 2018! Last year, we put a variety of posts on our blog ranging from discussing the non-taxable benefits for employees to talking about the advantages and disadvantages of a limited company. It’s safe to say we covered a lot! But what posts did you like the best? We’ve managed to find out which posts were viewed the most by you, our lovely audience.

We’re going to take you through the top stories for 2018, including those which were most popular with you, as well as those which we thought had some particularly interesting information.

Without further ado, here are your top three. Drum roll, please!

#1 Should I lease a car through my limited company or personally?

Coming in at number one, the most popular blog post from 2018 outlines the pros and cons of leasing a car through your company or through your personal account, of which it seems there are a few! We also talked about company car tax and reclaiming VAT when you lease a car through your company, which leads nicely to our number two post....

#2 How to reclaim VAT on business purchases

The runner-up for 2018 is our blog post discussing how to reclaim VAT on business purchases. We told you all about when you can and can’t reclaim VAT, how to submit your refund, when it’ll get paid back to you, and more! Head over to the post for a full overview, or feel free to contact us for more information about reclaiming your VAT.

#3 How to reduce your corporation tax legitimately

Your third most popular blog post for 2018 provides a breakdown of how you can reduce your corporation tax. It features an extremely useful video of Mazuma’s co-founder, Lucy Cohen, discussing exactly what business expenses you can claim for:

So there you have it - your top three blog posts for 2018!

But we aren’t finished just yet... We’ve also compiled a list of our own top three blog posts for 2018, so keep reading to find out which stories we think were the highlight of 2018.

#1 Mazuma shortlisted for ‘Accounts and Tax Adviser of the Year' at the British Small Business Awards

Our top story for 2018 is being shortlisted for the ‘Account and Tax Adviser of the Year’ by the British Small Business Awards. Oh, and not to mention, we won!

We were absolutely thrilled and honoured to have won this award, which is why we couldn’t help but feature this post as our number one for 2018.

#2 Many businesses aren’t ready for Making Tax Digital

Last year, we took the time to research whether small business owners were aware of Making Tax Digital, which is coming into effect in April 2019. The results showed that over 50% of businesses which responded to our survey had no idea how Making Tax Digital would affect them, and that just over 25% had never heard of it. Have a look at the full Making Tax Digital post to see the full results.

If you have any worries or doubts about Making Tax Digital, don’t worry - we can help. Reach out to us today for more information.

#3 The shocking results of our ‘real business’ campaign

Not only did we research how prepared small businesses were for Making Tax Digital, but we also launched another campaign to get a ‘real’ view of what it means to be a business owner. What with the amount of social media and other various technologies thrusting people into the public eye, we thought it was important to dig deeper and show that not all business owners fit the stereotype of living a glamorous lifestyle.

Of those who responded to the survey, 94% said that the media and social media does not give an accurate portrayal of small businesses and entrepreneurs. This means that nearly all of our respondents think that social media is not an accurate representation of reality, which is astounding! Have a look at our ‘real business’ campaign blog post for the full results.

So that’s our top three posts for 2018! We hope you enjoyed reading our blog throughout 2018, and we’ll keep providing you with useful, engaging and worthwhile content for the rest of 2019.

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