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What are the disadvantages of becoming VAT registered?

  • You may end up paying more to HMRC. It depends on if you sell more goods and services to your customers than you spend on things for your business. Not that you have a choice if you’re over the threshold, of course.
  • There’s a lot more paperwork. You need to track the VAT you’re collecting on behalf of HMRC so you need to file an additional return related to it. That’s where services like Mazuma Money can help you significantly, doing the hard work for you. Have a look at our blog about VAT returns for more information.
  • You have to pass on higher prices to your customers. That’s not much of a problem if your main clients are VAT registered businesses as they can claim it back too. However, if you’re dealing with the general public, they may not take kindly to a 20% price increase.

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