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Salary and Dividend Strategy 2014/15

2nd April 2014

What's the right combination of salary and dividends for you?

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The Budget 2014

20th March 2014

This was a Budget for bingo-playing baby-boomers who have not started to draw their private pensions...

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Real Time Information (RTI) Penalties

3rd March 2014

More problems with HMRC reconciling PAYE amounts...

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VAT Penalties

10th February 2014

If you pay your VAT late to HMRC, even one day late, your card will be marked for a VAT penalty called a 'default surcharge'...

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Reclaiming SSP

30th January 2014

I've heard that I won't be able to reclaim the sick pay I pay to my employees from April. Is this true?

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New RTI Relief

2nd January 2014

Have you been struggling to send full payment summary (FPS) reports under RTI? 

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Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

16th December 2013

Closed 23rd - 27th December 2013.

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Are my clothes tax deductible?

10th December 2013

I'm a DJ - can I claim the cost of clothes as an expense in my accounts?

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VAT Due Payment Date

5th December 2013

When must your VAT payment reach HMRC?

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Using the SEIS

11th November 2013

The seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) is designed to help small companies raise modest amounts of funding...

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