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Scottish Taxes

2nd October 2014

The Scottish people have spoken and the majority have decided they want Scotland to remain part of the UK...

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Late Filing Penalties

29th September 2014

From 6th October there are new automatic penalties...

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Travel Question

17th September 2014

The cost of ordinary commuting cannot be claimed...

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Mazuma named National Champion in the European Business Awards 2014/15

4th September 2014

Mazuma Wins for the United Kingdom in Prestigious Awards Competition!

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Commission Refunds

11th August 2014

If you invest through a firm of financial advisers, you may well receive a repayment of commission from that firm each year...

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Maximising Statutory Maternity Pay

4th August 2014

Paying statutory maternity pay (SMP) is not optional...

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VAT on Digital Services

14th July 2014

Do you sell digital services such as: music or software downloads, e-books or online videos?

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Scary Letters

1st July 2014

Have you received a scary letter from HMRC lately? Perhaps all HMRC letters are scary, but this latest nudge-letter really takes the biscuit...

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Real Time Information (RTI) Interest

11th June 2014

In the past some employers would play the PAYE system. This is not possible with RTI...

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VAT and Discounts

3rd June 2014

Do you offer prompt payment discounts to your customers - known as PPDs? Then read on!

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