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Rae Allen

People and Culture Partner

Rae is a dedicated Human Resources professional with over two decades of experience in fostering inclusive workplace cultures and driving organisational success through effective HR strategies. Her background is manufacturing and professional services industries.

Throughout her career, Rae has successfully implemented numerous initiatives to enhance employee engagement, streamline recruitment processes, and develop talent pipelines. She is particularly passionate about diversity and inclusion efforts and has spearheaded programs to promote belonging and equity within her organisations.

Rae believes in the power of collaboration and continuous learning to drive positive change in the workplace. She is committed to creating workplaces where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

Outside of work Rae has lots of fun with her daughter and her sister.  She has recently discovered she loves gardening and then sitting outside with a glass of wine admiring her efforts.   Rae loves music and attends lots of live music events.

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