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Jasmine Yong

Accountancy Team

Through societal and cultural pressure, Jasmine was originally headed for an engineering career in high school and college, head strong. But when her grades reflected her disinterest in the field, she undertook an accounting internship with a construction company and then an auditing internship with an accountancy firm.

Clouds cleared and with her newfound interest in accounting and finance, Jasmine completed a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance and became an ACCA Affiliate. She then landed an eye-opening role as an external auditor in Ernst and Young. One of the biggest aspects of audit that kept her on her toes was the exposure to a vast variety of industries and the challenges that came with it.

In line with that, Mazuma offers the opportunity to work with a range of clients and Jasmine is sure that she will be in her element in this company. With both personal and the company’s growth in mind, she is sure that Mazuma would be able to keep her flames of interest in accounting and finance kindled for a long time to come.


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