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Osu helps you get paid, instantly, with no transaction fees. Instead of chasing clients for manual bank transfers, paying transaction fees to accept cards, or being charged to use complex invoicing tools, use Osu for free.


  • When your clients pay, you receive the money instantly
  • No transaction fees, you get 100% of every payment
  • In one tap, your clients receive an invoice
  • We’ll automate the admin with client payment reminders
  • Sign up in 2 minutes. It’s free.

How it works is simple. You add your client’s name, phone number, and the amount being requested, then click send. Your client receives an SMS or email with a payment link. They click the link, pick their bank, and confirm the payment with Face or Touch ID. That’s it – the money’s instantly sent from their bank account to yours!


Get started at and you’ll never pay transaction fees again.


Take payments instantly with zero transaction fees.

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