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We are not right for everyone

At Mazuma we work very differently from traditional Accountants, which is how we keep our costs down and pass the savings back to our customers. However, we are well aware that the way that we work may not be for everyone. Below are a few things that crop up fairly regularly that may be “deal breakers” for you if you’re thinking of signing up with us.

Yes, it’s a bit unconventional telling potential clients why they shouldn’t sign up with us, but it’s important to us that our clients are happy and sign up with us for all the right reasons when they do!

Face to Face vs “Faceless”

If you’re thinking of signing up with Mazuma then you can expect exceptional customer service and the ability to speak to your Accountant on the phone or by email pretty much whenever you need to at no extra cost. What you can’t do is pop in for a cuppa and a chat.

There are a few reasons for this but mainly it’s about keeping the costs down for our clients. We don’t believe in charging extra for telephone calls and email advice because those activities form a very large part of our Accountant’s days; but if staff have to abandon their desks to take individual meetings the whole process becomes much less efficient and we’d have to put our prices up. We’re most certainly not what we’d consider a “faceless” company; you only deal with a handful of people who form your Accounting team, and they all definitely have faces… you just may not get to see them up close! For most people it’s actually a relief not to have to go schlepping off to the Accountant’s office and just pick up the phone instead, but if you really need that expensive face to face meeting once a year then we may not be the right Accountants for you.

You can check out the bios of all of our experts online here .

Fancy Reports

Mazuma’s management accounts will give you all the information you need to keep a track of how your business is doing and the production of your Year End Accounts and Tax Returns follows the structure and format that we have to follow for HMRC and Companies House. All of that is included in your standard Purpleforce package and our Accountants are pretty darn good at producing those figures at lightening speed!

However, if you regularly need bespoke forecasts completing, need business plans writing or want your figures in a different format to the one that we do as standard then we may not be the right solution for you. For the majority of people the management information we provide goes well above and beyond that produced by DIY bookkeeping software or spreadsheets, but if you need regular sets of fancy graphs and wordy reports then we’re probably not quite right for you. Once again, keeping it simple keeps the costs down for our clients – most of our clients love being able to access their information with a swipe of their smartphone or ask a question in a quick email, but it’s not for everyone.

Local vs Remote

As we operate our service through our purple envelopes and app there is no need for you to be close to our offices to use Mazuma.  We’d rather impress our customers with our marvellous service than with a mahogany meeting room table, but that does mean that essentially we are a non client-facing operation, or a “remote service”. Once again, most people are very happy with this arrangement because it means that you can chat to your Accountant whilst you’re still in your dressing gown (all Mazuma staff are guaranteed to be dressed at the other end the phone, we promise!), but it does mean that popping in for a chin wag and a moan about the local parking isn’t really a possibility. We don’t see much of a down side to that but occasionally people do so we thought we’d better let you know.

Six heads are better than one! (Well, we think so…)

When you sign up with Mazuma you will be allocated to your team of Accountants. Each team at Mazuma has a maximum number of clients and contains no more than 6 members of staff which means that you’ll get to know the people you speak to on the end of the phone pretty quickly.

Think of it as having all the benefits of a small and friendly accountancy practice, but with the support and stability of a much larger business.

Occasionally people want to have a single name or point of contact to speak to, but we think that the disadvantages of that far outweigh the advantages; what if your single point of contact is ill? Or on holiday? We use real life humans to do all of our work rather than robots, but unfortunately sometimes they catch a sniffle and need a duvet day! That’s why we make sure that you have six people who are able to answer your questions when you call rather than having to wait for two weeks for your named contact to return from a week on the Norfolk Broads, or wherever it is that they’ve scuttled off to on their annual leave! We think it’s a much better way of working because you’ll get your answer when you need it, no delays! But if it’s not how you like things then Mazuma may not be right for you.

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