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Corriebobs – The Crowning Glory for British Business?

CorrieBobs and British Business

We’ve had the ‘Platty Joobs’, now the Corriebobs is on it’s way!

With the coronation incoming, May brings an abundance of bank holiday weekends and a huge array of different events over the country. So how can you make the most of this for your small businesses?


Bank Holidays all round!

Bank holidays are great opportunities for certain industries. Anyone in tourism, leisure or the pub trade will be sure of a nice uptick in footfall. Plenty of the general public will be taking extra annual leave to make the most of the freebie day off work.

A Classic British Pint

According to ‘Reaction’, there will be a £337 million coronation boost to the pub and tourism industry this weekend. 

Pubs and bars should have a welcome influx of customers who have an additional day to recover from their hangovers. Tourism should also have a decent amount of bookings both from UK residents and overseas visitors. Anyone who will be flying in to see the spectacle will need airbnbs, hotel rooms and plenty of other attractions to keep them busy.

Bunting for Days

Lots of online and in person retailers should also have a great opportunity for selling commemorative memorabilia or fun products to coincide with the coronation. During the platinum jubilee there were actually shortages of bunting from online retailers because of the thousands of events and street parties!

Get Creative

Jokingly dubbed the ‘Corriebobs’ by the British public, the coronation of King Charles III and the Queen Consort gives ample marketing opportunity for special offers and interesting campaigns. Even if you’re in the professional services sector (like us), the coronation will be a great social media opportunity to promote yourself as long as you can get connect with your audience over the topic. Make sure you know your audience well enough to boost your views. Depending on your location and the demographics of your audience, you might find that you’ll get very high, or very poor engagement depending on how people feel about the Royal Family.

Arts and Crafts

Another industry set to benefit are British makers and purveyors of traditional craftsmanship. Royal Warrant holders are specific companies handpicked by the Royal family as suppliers who they continue to use long term for different products. Many of them are talented artisans who have been running for several hundred years and are keeping traditional techniques alive. Watch out for these featured on the Royal social media channels where they’re featuring the Chairs of Coronation, the delicate robe embroidery and plenty more.

Other Things to Consider

Resource and Staffing

Staffing costs might go up if you need your staff members to work on a bank holiday. Make sure you check the terms of your contracts carefully so you can plan accordingly, and allocate additional budget or staff if you need to.

If you’re not in a business that’s open over bank holidays you’ll have three four-day weeks to complete your normal operational activity, so make sure you have the resource to complete your work on time for your clients.

Financial Implications

Another thing to note will be the knock-on effect of having three less banking days in the month. Make sure you plan around this so that you don’t get stung if a payment is a day later than expected.

Have a May to Remember

From everyone at Mazuma, we hope you all have a fantastic bank holiday weekend. Our team will also be getting a well-deserved day off on Monday 8th May for the occasion, so please bear with us as the office will be closed that day.

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