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Forage Box Ltd

Forage Box Ltd

Forage Box Ltd aim to get foraged food into customers’ home-cooking via a monthly subscription service. The company focuses on sustainability and accessibility of the ingredients we send out – you don’t need to be a chef to incorporate wild food into your meals! With very few similar companies offering this combination of product and service, we believe there’s huge potential to show people how delicious, foraged food is, and we can look forward to seeing some rapid growth in the future. As company director, I decided I needed an accountant that would match the requirements of a modern business and be able to cope with the rollercoaster journey of a new start-up.

I chose Mazuma after shopping around and found them to be competitive and the online presence a real bonus! In this era, it seems strange that there are still accountancy firms that you have to visit in an office!


Mazuma have been great from the very start. Life with a new business can be very messy, and the ability to dump all my accountancy needs on Mazuma is a blessing! The odd gentle nudge about returns or other documents, the option to use them for my personal, as well as business accounting, along with the hassle-free service means Mazuma stand out as a perfect solution for my business’s financial management. Combine that with approachable and friendly staff, who demonstrate genuine patience when dealing with all sorts of queries, and it appears Mazuma are exactly the sort of accountancy firm that new businesses should be seeking out. I’m happy to go on record saying I would highly recommend them!

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