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Boutiki Tents

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Mazuma has become more than just an accountancy service for me and my small business! 

Boutiki came about very much through a need to find a new direction and work/ life balance. Revenue wasn’t huge at the start due to working full time in my primary career, and taking on an accountancy service felt like an additional expense I could avoid. I was nervous to enter the accountancy process as a complete novice, but also of the alternative… entering into conversations about business with the pros!

Boutiki Tents

I picked up the phone and made initial contact with Mazuma, and we covered the basics to get me up and running. The pricing worked for me, and felt a safe and responsible investment to safeguard my business, setting off on the right foot as it were.

I felt confident that I had the right understanding of the process and it set me up for making appropriate choices for my business in the future.

The team at Mazuma have inadvertently mentored my business. I have received advice not only on all tax related stuff but on improving the appeal and scope of the product. The advice is always delivered in plain English and having that detached perspective has been vital.”

– Kate Griffiths from Boutiki Tent

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