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Bryony Ham


Bryony loves Mazuma so much that she’s worked with us twice! She started her career with us fresh out of university as a bookkeeper, and returned a year ago as an Accountant.

Bryony has wanted to be an Accountant since the age of 13, and she’s now living the dream!  From completing tax returns and statutory accounts to making sure your VAT returns are filed on time and everything in between, she loves the varied role and that each day is so different.

With a passion for making the world a more finance-savvy place, the best feeling to her is helping clients understand the accounting side of their business better. She understands that SME’s want to be spending their time doing what they do best, not spending hours poring over their paperwork.  They don’t want to be bombarded with jargon, just ‘hassle-free accounting’ (see what she did there?)

Bryony is a self-confessed tomboy, and in her spare time can usually be found with a hammer in her hand renovating her house, or up to her elbows in oil tinkering with her car – all under the supervision of her dogs Madeleine and Monica!

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