16 May

Where would you pin Mr P?

Mr P's at it again! 

In his shameless bid for fame and fortune he's sweet-talked us humans here at Mazuma to wear badges bearing his bespectacled face.

Where would you pin Mr P?

But we want the last laugh...

So we are taking our badges and pinning them in the funniest and most unusual places we can think of.  And we want you to do the same!

Email us at mrp@mazumamoney.co.uk with your address and your idea of where you're going to pin Mr P and if we like it we'll send you a badge! 

Once you've got your badge just email us a picture showing us where you've pinned Mr P (keep it clean folks...) and we'll post up the best ones on twitter and give you a shout out for your troubles!  Or you can tweet the photos to us directly to @MrP_Mazuma and tag it #pinmrp.

There are no prizes (well, you'll get a badge...), this is just for fun!


Mr P at Durdle Door in Dorset!

Thanks to Laura Pursey for taking him on her holidays with her!

Mr P at Durdle Door

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