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Risk assessment support for reopening small businesses and returning to work after the COVID-19 lockdown

With lockdown measures being eased across the country, a phased return to the workplace is expected to take place for many of us over the coming weeks. To make sure small businesses are well-prepared for reopening their premises and returning to work our insurance partners Create Insurance have provided two COVID-19 specific risk assessment documents.

Why you need an effective COVID-19 risk assessment strategy

The immediate reaction of many business owners to the easing of lockdown measures may be to get back to “business as usual” as soon as possible, however the ability for businesses to begin trading again is conditional on them having a detailed and actionable plan for minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Businesses will be required to put in place strict controls to protect employees, customers, suppliers and the general public for the foreseeable future – which will include:

  • Social distancing measures
  • Procedures for regular hand-washing
  • Use of PPE (personal protective equipment) where required
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces
  • Symptom tracking
  • Data collection for contact tracing

There are also health and safety considerations to be taken into account regarding reopening workplaces that have been closed for a prolonged period during lockdown. This includes reviewing your current protocols around staffing and personnel, your operating procedures and policies, the training you provide to staff, changing delivery arrangements from suppliers and much more.

To help businesses with this process, Create Insurance have developed the below risk assessment documents. There is a ‘generic’ risk assessment document detailing an actionable plan for dealing with the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace, as well as a more specific Business Recovery and Reopening Risk Assessment.

Please note that the below documents are general in nature and are not likely to cover all potential scenarios for every business. Much more specific risk assessments may be required for your particular business, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more specific risk management advice.

COVID-19 – General Workplace Risk Assessment

This risk assessment document deals with managing the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the workplace, and provides a clear and detailed action plan for establishing new processes on:

  • Social distancing
  • Hand-washing
  • Cleaning
  • The use of PPE
  • Dealing with COVID-19 symptoms
  • Managing mental health and promoting wellbeing

Download the risk assessment template for free here: COVID-19 – General Workplace Risk Assessment

COVID-19 – Business Recovery/Reopening – Health, Safety & Fire Checklist/Risk Assessment

This larger and more specific risk assessment document provides a clear guide to what businesses need to take into account when re-opening premises following a prolonged shutdown.

This includes management of risks associated with:

  • Staff and personnel
  • Operating procedures and policies
  • Training
  • Social distancing
  • Preventing the spread of COVID-19
  • Health, safety and fire compliance
  • Safe Systems of Work (SSWs), Safe Working Practices (SWPs), Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Download the risk assessment template for free here: COVID-19 – Business Recovery/Re-opening – Health, Safety & Fire Checklist/Risk Assessment

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