01 May

Mr P's Client of the Month! May 2012

This month Mr P is proud to announce that his Client of the Month is Alison Fennel from Eastwitching.

Rule Brittania Corgi
Eastwitching creates nursery animal art prints in a fresh, colourful and natural style. Standard 8x10 inch sizes make them frame-ready and perfect to collect!  With the jubilee coming up there is a special range of prints that you can check out here

Mazuma clients can also get their mitts on these lovely prints with a 5% discount!  You can buy the prints online here - just make sure you use the code MAZUMAROCKS at the checkout!

So why does Mazuma's service work so well for Eastwitching?  Alison says that...

"Mazuma allows me to get on with painting my animal artwork that is the core of my business. I have nothing to worry about each month as I know my paperwork will be processed magically into monthly accounts by my Mazuma Team! A genius idea at a fantastic price!"

Ah, thank you Alison!  If Mr P wasn't purple we're sure you'd see him blush a little!

We had an overwhelming response to our new "client of the month" feature and we'd like to thank everyone who sent their business details in!  We hope to include more of you over the coming months so keep your eyes peeled for an email from Mr P in your inbox! 

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