30 Apr

Mazuma named #1 accountant for digital marketing performance

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Mazuma are proud to announce that we have been named the top accountant for our digital marketing performance by FibreCRM, a company that provides Client Relationship Management software for accountants.

FibreCRM firmly believe that digital marketing performance should be recognised and celebrated. They are encouraging firms to talk about the benefits of investing in digital marketing, and how it can help their organisation adapt quickly and efficiently to any changes in the industry. FibreCRM have commented the following to illustrate how the Top 100 highlights the importance of digital marketing:

“The success of Mazuma is a great endorsement of the marketers in other firms of accountants who are keen to demonstrate the value of digital marketing to partners who can be unsure of the value of social media.”

How is it ranked?

The Top 100 orders firms by fee income, following which FibreCRM assess the digital marketing performance of each company based on their use of five primary digital marketing platforms:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Video – YouTube & Vimeo

FibreCRM reviewed public company data throughout a six month period based on the engagement that companies have experienced on these platforms. The scores are also weighted for firms who include the use of video in their digital marketing activities; due to the high return on (marketing) investment and greater conversion rates that is universally recognised with using video.

Based on the results, FibreCRM announced that Mazuma Accountants were the top accountant on 18th April 2019. Lucy Cohen, Co-founder, comments:

“We’ve been pushing the envelope in accountancy for over 12 years, and to achieve top place on this list really illustrates our position as forward thinking accountants. Digital marketing aligns with our brand values of standing out from the crowd, being ahead of the curve and always being bold and brave. It’s the only marketing we do because we are very clear about our target market - and we know from experience that our social media enhances interaction with customers and engages with our audience.”

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