29 Apr

Introducing Mr P!

At Mazuma we are famed for our Purple Envelopes and the relief that they bring to small businesses.

Our Purple Envelopes are responsible for the relaxed demeanours and timely accounts of many small businesses across the UK!

With this in mind we thought that it was about time we introduced you to Mr P, our chief Purple Envelope!

Mr P has been with Mazuma from day one and if you ever asked him he’d tell you he’s the real brains behind the operation (although we know he’s just an envelope!).  

He has, however, been instrumental in shaking up the accountancy industry and forcing less forthcoming accountancy practices to focus on customer service, just like Mazuma do.  It’s made him very popular with Mazuma and our clients, but a little less popular with some more traditional accountants, which is why he’s hidden his light under a bushel until now!

Mr P will be introducing lots of snazzy new features like the online Refer A Friend scheme which you can see here. (Don’t forget if you refer a friend and they sign up, you’ll get £25 of retail vouchers!)

You can also follow him on Twitter here or read his blog here.

Mr P will be making a regular appearance in newsletters, on the website and across the UK over the coming months so look out for him.  He might just have a rather fantastic competition in the pipeline too, so watch this space!

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