16 Dec

Do you need face to face meetings with your accountant?


We often get asked why we don’t do face to face meetings.

Face 2 face

Really, we think that people should question why other accountants do!

Traditional accountants sell face to face as a way to have a relationship with your accountant. That sounds lovely – it’s nice to feel connected to the people who you work with in business.

But seriously, let’s look at what happens in a traditional meeting with a face to face accountant.

  • Pre meeting – travel / find a parking space
  • Minutes 0-5 – wait in reception / get a coffee
  • Minutes 6 -15 – exchange pleasantries (weather, sports, holidays. You know the drill)
  • Minutes 16 – 20 – recap what was discussed last time
  • Minutes 21 – 40 – talk about your accounts
  • Minutes 41 – 45 - goodbyes
  • Post meeting – travel back to your business

That’s a lot of time away from running your business for the sake of a few minutes of advice that could have been given over the phone. And in many cases the accountant will charge you for this time. After all, you’ve taken time away from their day that needs to be billed!

And let’s not forget that all of this is usually a substitute for a good ongoing relationship during the year. Many accountants will charge extra for phone calls, letters and emails, making the whole idea of a “relationship” seem rather silly!

So at Mazuma we decided not to have face to face meetings with anyone. Instead, you have access to your accountant all year by phone and email. It’s all included in the price.

And guess what? Our clients report that they feel that they have a better relationship with us than any “relationship” they ever had with a traditional accountant.

So why don’t we do face to face meetings?

Because you don’t need them.

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