09 Oct

Beware email tax scams

Please note that HMRC is warning of a significant rise in email scams that offer a tax refund. These emails are designed to throw recipients off their guard by warning that the refunds are subject to a deadline which expires in the near future.

Some emails direct you to a website that looks just like HMRC's official one. Others invite you to either complete an online application or to dowload, complete, sign and then fax it to the number given. Both versions request your full bank or credit card details.

An alternative scam asks you to call a number to check your eligibility to the refund. Callers will hear a dialling tone but while waiting for an answer they will be charged £6 a minute!

Please note:

HMRC has not yet adpoted email as a way of communicating with the public, so treat any email offering you a tax refund as suspicious and report it to HMRC.

We have seen a significant number of our clients receiving these emails. They look very realistic and it would be very easy to be fooled by them.

As a general rule, if you are even slightly concerned that an email may be malicious, don't open any files attached to it, click on any links it contains, or telephone any numbers given within it.


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