28 May

8 Reasons Not to Buy Bookkeeping Software!

  1. You have to enter the data yourself
  2. It won’t save you much, if any, money on accountancy fees
  3. It can be expensive
  4. Would the bank / mortgage company etc accept the figures you’d produced from the software without an accountant verifying them? Probably not!
  5. Do you understand how it produces your VAT return?  What happens if you have an investigation and your figures are disputed by HMRC; would you have the knowledge and confidence to defend them?
  6. Data entry is time consuming and doing the books is often last on people’s “to do” list!
  7. A piece of software can’t give you advice!
  8. Mazuma! With our Purpleforce service we do the whole lot for you and you get an accountant all year round to help you out.

Okay, okay.... that last point is a truly shameless plug on our part but we were set up so that small businesses didn’t have to do their own bookkeeping and faff around with bookkeeping software and data entry! 

If you still think that you’d like to buy your own bookkeeping software then please read our advice on How to Choose Bookkeeping Software before you make a decision. 

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