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Mazuma Unique Taxpayer Reference
What is a Unique Taxpayer Reference?
20 Feb

UTR’s, tax references, Government gateway logins, it’s all really simple to get into a tizz about. We’ve done our best to clear shed some light on the what’s what in the tax numbers world. Have a read and consider yourself enlightened.

Mazuma National Insurance
How do you pay national insurance if you're self-employed?
15 Feb

Working for yourself? If you’re a sole-trader, or run your own business, you’ll have to sort out your own national insurance. Mazuma provides all the information you’ll need.

Sophie Hughes (left) and Lucy Cohen (right)
KPMG Enterprise - what went wrong?
11 Feb

£40m invested and the service failed after 5 years. Our Co-founder Lucy explores why.

Mazuma 2018 overview
6 unmissable stories: our round-up of 2018
28 Jan

Mazuma provides an overview of its top stories for 2018