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Saving money as a small business
21 Mar

How to cut costs and save money as a small business

Running your own company can be a costly affair. We outline a few simple ways you can cut costs and save time, without breaking a sweat!

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How to avoid HMRC penalties
15 Mar

Your guide to HMRC penalties and how to avoid them

If you run your own business or are self-employed, read our tips on how to avoid unwanted HMRC penalties.

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28 Feb

Prepare your business for Brexit

Want to know more about what Brexit will mean for you and your business? You’ve come to the right place.

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Mazuma Unique Taxpayer Reference
20 Feb

What is a Unique Taxpayer Reference?

UTR’s, tax references, Government gateway logins, it’s all really simple to get into a tizz about. We’ve done our best to clear shed some light on the what’s what in the tax numbers world. Have a read and consider yourself enlightened.

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