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HMRC gets the power to bug
15 Feb

HMRC already has the power to arrest, and as of today, the British taxman will also be able to intercept phone calls, emails and letters, as well as bug residential premises and private vehicles.
The powers were granted to HMRC in the Serious

Top Tips for Landlords
03 Jan

Reduce your tax liability where you can, make sure you are following our top tips!

Are you having a Christmas party?
19 Dec

Are you about to have your firm's Christmas party and hand out seasonal gifts for staff and customers? Remember there are strict rules about what is deductible for tax and reclaimable for VAT.

Taking money out of your Ltd Company
04 Dec

There are three main ways in which money can be drawn from a limited company - repayment of a director's loan, salary and dividends - but there are key issues to understand regarding each of these. It is important to organise the balance of these thr