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Mazuma Affiliates Programme

Work with the right clients…and only the right clients

Getting your firm to work for you is all about the right client fit. 

Working with clients that don’t align with your firm’s goals and values means that you end up stressed out, feeling unappreciated, and down on profit.

It takes all sorts to make a world, and we know that at Mazuma we deal with the sort of clients that many firms don’t love working with.

  • The messy ones with a shoebox full of receipts
  • The ones who ask a million questions at 4 pm on a Friday
  • The ones who submit their documents at the last possible moment
  • The ones that refuse to use a proper software, or who do it so badly you have to spend hours unpicking the mess
  • The ones who don’t see the value in the fee you charge

They might sound like a time drain to you, but guess what?

They’re our clients!

You might only have one or two that you’d love to get off your plate, or you might have a few more. Either way, if they onboard with us then we’ll pay you 20% of the fees received by us each quarter as a thank you – for as long as they remain a client!

All you have to do is introduce your client to us below.

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