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If you’re a contractor then you’ve probably realised that trading through a Ltd Company is the likely to be the most tax efficient way for you to operate.

You’ve probably also noticed that trading through a Ltd Company throws up all sorts of additional administration and responsibilities.

Traditionally many contractors have maintained their own records throughout the year and then visited an accountant at year end to sort out the tax and accounts.  In most cases this has been done to try to save money – after all employing the services of an accountant every month would be really expensive, wouldn’t it?

Well, not any more!

  • Our award-winning Purpleforce service is absolutely ideal for contractors!
  • Unlike many contractor accountants we don’t ask you to input your own expenses into our software or upload them to on online portal. 
  • We just ask that at the end of the month you put all of your paperwork into a Freepost envelope and send it off to us. 
  • We’ll take care of the rest, including things like providing you with monthly management accounts and making sure that the dividends you are taking from your company are legal.


Check out our Purpleforce package!

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