Cheap Accountants

At Mazuma we often get asked why our prices are so low, so cost effective, so cheap!  Unlike many firms that offer low cost accountancy we do not outsource your work to other firms or to India, we pride ourselves on doing all of our work in-house.

The reason the we can keep costs so low is that we have the right people doing the right jobs.  Whether it is bookkeeping, accountancy or tax advice, our staff range from qualified bookkeepers through to Accounting Technicians and Chartered Accountants, so you'll always have the right person doing the right job for you, keeping the cost down for our customers. 

Mazuma offers a comprehensive range of services to suit the small business. You can find out more by downloading our brochure Mazuma Brochure.pdf

  • Accountancy
  • Bookkeeping & alternatives to Online Bookkeeping
  • Production of statutory accounts (Self Assessment, Partnership and Corporation)
  • VAT & VAT Returns
  • Payroll Services
  • Production of financial statements
  • Electronic Document Storage

Where applicable we encourage our clients to sign up for one of our monthly payment packages where the monthly price will include all the services necessary for your business (including all year end activities such as submitting tax returns to HMRC or filing company accounts with Companies House).  There are no extra bills or hidden costs and the payment is spread across the year, helping your cash flow.

At Mazuma we are famous for our Purple Envelopes and the relief they bring to thousands of business across the UK! Our Purpleforce package provides our clients with everything they need to meet all their statutory accountancy requirements along with useful, up to date accounts each month.

Once your paperwork has been processed by Mazuma you will get back a comprehensive set of management reports along with any statutory returns, such as VAT, completed and ready for your signature.

With all of our packages you are guaranteed a stress-free accountancy experience. All of our staff are experts in their field and pride themselves on providing a quality service with our very own touch of Mazuma magic!

Prices start from £22 + VAT* per month for a sole trader and £65 + VAT* per month for a limited company on our Purpleforce package.