Personal Tax Returns  -  £50!


Get your tax return completed by a qualified accountant for just £50!

Do you have a simple tax return to complete?

No time to use HMRC's online system?

Just need someone to plug the figures in and tell you what to pay?

Then Tax Zoom is for you!


Mazuma Accountants

Disclaimer: Please note that we are an accountancy firm and are not affiliated with HMRC. You are able to complete the self assessment tax return form online with HMRC for free. What we offer is the added benefit of filing the form on your behalf combined with the peace of mind that a qualified accountant has prepared and reviewed it.

Our Purpleforce service is great for small businesses that need a bit of advice and support throughout the year, but if you're pretty organsised or have very little paperwork to deal with then our Purpleforce package might be a bit too much for you!

Well, we don't believe in paying for things you don't need, which is why we invented Tax Zoom!  Hey, if you don't need tax advice, monthly management accounts or full year end accounts then who are we to force you to buy it?!

Yes, you could do it yourself for free.  But for just £50 we take away all the stress and inconvenience of doing that along with the added benefit of having a qualified accountant checking what is being submitted.

This service is ideal for those who have a very simple tax return to complete (company directors, part time self employed, CIS subcontractors, eBay traders, landlords) but hate filling out this fiddly online form with HMRC each year!


Purple question mark   How it works...

  1. Buy Tax Zoom! for £50 at the bottom of the page and we'll send you your forms
  2. Answer all the questions on the form, sign it and return it
  3. We’ll produce your tax return and send it to you for electronic signature
  4. Once it’s signed we’ll submit it to HMRC for you
  5. You can relax!

You can use this service if you receive income from any (or all!) of the following sources:

  • Bank interest
  • Dividends
  • Employment
  • Sole trade / self employment / CIS subcontractor
  • Rental properties


This service is pretty darn good but in no way compares to the level of service you'd get from our Purpleforce package;  there's a good reason there is a such a price difference between them!  However, if you know what you need and want it for a good price then Tax Zoom will be right up your street!

Of course, you can go and fill out your self assessment tax return directly on the HMRC website yourself and it won't cost you a penny - just like you could cut your own hair if you wanted to.  But we think that some things are best left to the professionals!

Just buy Tax Zoom! for £50 by clicking on the button below and our Accountants will be in touch by email.

In purchasing Tax Zoom! you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.




Questions? Please don't hesitate to drop us an email!



Please note that this service is not suitable for those who have complex tax matters including, but not limited to capital gains, income from trusts and estates, foreign income, pension income, EIS scheme subscriptions and venture capital trust subscriptions or who are not resident in the UK.  If in doubt please contact us before you purchase as no refunds can be offered.

Please note that these packages are only available centrally and do not include support throughout the year.  If in doubt, please ask us before purchasing.