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Of course we're going to say we're great, because we want you sign up with us!  After all, no one writes about how rubbish they are on their own site! 

But don't just take our word for it, here are some real life people who've said nice things about us or given us a shiny trophy... 

We are proud to have been recognised in the following awards:

British Accountancy Awards Winner 2014 BAA Finalist
HSBC Startup Stars 2010 Accountancy Age Awards 2010 PQ Magazine 2009 Chamber Awards 2009
Shell Livewire 2007 Accountancy Age Awards 2008 Chamber Awards 2008  



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What our clients say!

"I didn't think I'd be a needy customer but there have been a number of times I've needed assistance - I set up as a self employed consultant, then switched to Ltd Co, plus I run a property devpt partnership - lots of questions!

Without exception, Mazuma staff reply very quickly and are responsive and helpful and patient. I was happy to recommend you recently and delighted to get a gift voucher from you - what a lovely surprise! I don't need face to face but I do want responsiveness and that's what I get. Your set up feels professional and efficient and so far so good!"

Sally Evans

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mazuma as accountants for anyone in the licensed trade. I was slightly hesitant when I first joined them as it sounded far too straight forward... particually when I had been doing my day to day accounts myself until that point and knew how complicated it could be but Mazuma really do allow you just to put all receipts, invoices, sales figures, everything in the purple envelope and they sort it all out! Previously to Mazuma, I had used an accountancy firm who specialised in the licensed trade and I have to say that I have felt that Mazuma have been even more competent at dealing with issues specific to the trade, along with being friendly, helpful and understanding. I am so pleased I changed to Mazuma!"

Shirley Errey
The Cavendish Arms

"If you enjoy preparing returns for your accountant (wading through order books and invoices and all those fiddly receipts) then trust me, the last thing you should ever do is switch to Mazuma. They'll take it all off your hands in a funky purple envelope and you'll have to find a new hobby like Scottish country dancing or basket weaving. On the other hand, if your accounts are just one gigantic hassle, give them a call. I did 3 years ago, and life has been much, much easier since."
James Daniel
Copywriter, EarthMonkey

"I signed up with Mazuma after hearing about them nearly 2 years ago. Personally I couldn't recommend them highly enough. They combine professionalism with a sense of personality, dealing with queries & issues quickly in a friendly manner. Having been a sole trader for 2 years the business went limited in January & Mazuma have helped enormously in making that transfer as smooth as possible. They've really given us a level of service we didn't expect, & we see our relationship with them as a long lasting one... "
Ben Smith


"For people who work in TV time is too precious to be taken up with paperwork.  All my team use Mazuma's services for the same reason I do... Mazuma's Purpleforce scheme is efficient, low cost and hassle free."  
Mark Hutchings
Gaffer (Dr Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures)

"Mazuma take care of everything for me right down to tax returns, which is exactly what I needed as a sole trader. It means I can spend my time concentrating on the business instead of messing about with receipts, forms and things I don't understand! Plus, they are so friendly and helpful that it's a pleasure to deal with them."
Hailing Fong
Relishhh, London

"Mazuma is great value for money, they're really efficient and they speak my language - such a refreshing change in accountants."
Heidi Early
Earlybird Designs Ltd